Discography as a leader:


January 2015, Autoedited

  • César Joaniquet, tenor sax
  • Brice Soniano, bass
  • Kasper Tom, drums

Songbook plays music full of improvisation and songs that are constantly worn by the love of a good melody.

From a pygmy village in Cameroon to soloist in Montpellier's Opera, the French bass player Brice Soniano can bring with his playing from folk world music to baroque or jazz. He is currently based on the modern jazz and improvisation scene, mainly in Belgium and France.

Drummer Kasper Tom Christiansen made, over the last few years, his name in the European improvisation / advantgarde scene. Not just by being the leader of the groups Kasper Tom / Jacob Anderskov, FUSK and Kasper Tom 5, but also as a sideman in other projects with musicians like Alexander von Schlippenbach, Axel Dorner and Johannes Bauer.


April 2014, Autoedited

  • Cesar Joaniquet, Saxophones, Piano, Composition & Arrangements
  • Carlos Orobón, Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
  • Jakob Sørensen, Trumpet & Flugelhorn
  • Thea Jørgensen, Violin
  • Agnes Hauge, Violin
  • Mikkel Schreiber, Viola
  • Rebecca Carvalho, Cello
  • Patricia Rodrigo, Guitar
  • Frederik Nyboe, Electric Bass
  • Adrian Christensen, Acoustic Bass
  • Timo van Ruiswijk, Drums
  • Dea Marie Mogensen, Percussion

Bethany is a place where people go to have a spiritual experience, take advantage of this holy status to reflect and enter the world of meditation.

In Motion Trio

January 2014, Autoedited

  • Cesar Joaniquet, tenor sax & soprano
  • Kasper Agnas, guitar
  • Timo van Ruiswijk, drums

Together with Kasper Agnas, swedish guitar player and Timo van Ruiswijk from the Netherlands at drums, I spent a semester studying at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. We played with many musicians in town but the three of us always had a special connection. So we started establishing sessions with this trio until we already had a large original repertoire.
We did a performance at one of the most important festivals in the city named "New Sound Made" and after the good response that the audience had, we decided to record this album. It is not the most common instrumentation for a band because it misses an essential instrument as it is the bass. This lack of thickness that provides the bass gives us a lot of space to develop compositions. The music we play are original compositions especially written for this band and are mainly based on pure improvisation.

Smog Eyes
(Featuring Ted Brown)

April 2012, Autoedited

  • Cesar Joaniquet, tenor sax
  • Michael Kanan, piano
  • Lim Yang, bass
  • Marton Juhasz, drums
  • Ted Brown, tenor sax on #4 i #8

I met Ted when I lived in New York that year. We used to set up sessions with the pianist Michael Kanan at his studio in Brooklyn. At that time I was living with the other two members of the rhythm section, bassist and drummer. With them I had a great confidence and played as a trio at home very often. One day it occurred to me to suggest going into the studio and recording an album with Mike and Ted. It seemed a good idea and it came out: Smog Eyes.

Discography as a sideman:

esben - portada del disc

Esben Brandt - I Wonder What You See

2019, Gateway Music

  • Esben Brandt, guitar
  • Cesar Joaniquet, saxophone
  • Jakob Roland, bass
  • Andreas Fryland, drums
orgelduo - portada del disc

Hr & Fru OrgelDuo Travels The World

2019, Autoedited

  • Daniel Sommer, drums
  • Simon Eskildsen, organ
  • Cesar Joaniquet, saxophone
  • Marco Dania, saxophone
  • Jens Balder, trombone
  • Scott Westh, trumpet
duets - portada del disc

Daniel Sommer - "Duets"

2017, Saino Records

  • Cesar Joaniquet, saxophone
  • Artturi Rönkä, piano
  • Frederik Sakham Lomborg, bass
  • Mikko Innanen, saxophone
  • Seppo Kantonen, piano
  • Marc Ducret, guitar
  • Kari Ikonen, piano
  • Johannes Sarjasto, saxophone
  • Butch Lacy, piano
  • Daniel Sommer, drums
pragmata - portada del disc

Ivo Sans - "Pragmata"

2017, Underpool Records

  • Jürg Wickihalder, soprano saxophone
  • Cesar Joaniquet, soprano saxophone
  • Toni Saigi, piano
  • Alvaro Torres, piano
  • Ivo Sans, drums
quasar - portada del disc

Carlos Falanga - "Quasar"

2016, Fresh Sound New Talent

  • Cesar Joaniquet, tenor saxophone
  • Marco Mezquida, piano
  • Jaume Llombart, fender rhodes, synth
  • Jordi Matas, guitar
  • Marko Lohikari, bass
  • Carlos Falanga, drums
benares - portada del disc

Lars Møller - "Glow of Benares"

2016, Dacapo Records, Copenhagen

  • Aarhus Jazz Orchestra
  • The Danish Sinfonietta
  • Kala Ramnath, violin & vocal
  • Abhijit Banerjee,, tabla & pakhawaj
  • Lars Møller, composer & conductor
Adorno - portada del disc

Ivo Sans ISCCJMKMB - "Adorno"

2015, Autoedited

  • Marcel·lí Bayer, alto sax
  • Cesar Joaniquet, tenor sax
  • Masa Kamaguchi, bass
  • Ivo Sans, drums
Darrera nit de Maig a l'Heliogàbal - portada del disc

Ivo Sans ISCCJMKMB - "Yoruba"

June 2014, Autoedited

  • Marcel·lí Bayer, alto sax
  • Cesar Joaniquet, tenor sax
  • Masa Kamaguchi, bass
  • Ivo Sans, drums
Esben Brandt - portada del disc

Esben Brandt Kvartet feat. Fredrik Ljungkvist - "Silence and Sound"

April 2013, Gateway Music

  • Fredrik Ljungkvist, tenor sax
  • Cesar Joaniquet, tenor sax
  • Esben Brandt, guitar
  • Peedu Kass, bass
  • Christian Windfeld, drums
Darrera nit de Maig a l'Heliogàbal - portada del disc

Ivo Sans - "Darrera nit de Maig a l'Heliogàbal"

May 2012, Autoedited

  • Marcel·lí Bayer, alto sax
  • Cesar Joaniquet, tenor sax
  • Masa Kamaguchi, bass
  • Ivo Sans, drums
Flying Alone - portada del disc

Yuhan Su - "Flying Alone"

March 2012, Greg Osby Inner Circle Music Label

  • Yuhan Su, vibraphone
  • Rafael Aguiar, saxo alto
  • Cesar Joaniquet, tenor sax
  • Christian Li, piano
  • Publio Delgado, guitar
  • Lim Yang, bass
  • Deepak Gopinath, drums
Nònitz - portada del disc

Marcel·lí Bayer - Nònitz
(featuring Lee Konitz)

November 2010, Quadrant Records

  • Pol Omedes, trumpet and flugel
  • Tom Johnson, trombone
  • Marcel·lí Bayer, alto sax
  • Cesar Joaniquet, tenor sax
  • Lluc Casares, baritone sax
  • Cèlia Torres, cello
  • Santi Careta, guitar and banjo
  • Mighel Serna, bass
  • Joan Terol, drums
  • Lee Konitz, alto sax on #1, #4, #9 i #11
Cinc de Swing - portada del disc

Cinc de Swing

December 2007, Ediciones PAE

  • Oriol Vidal, violin and voice
  • Joan Vinyals, guitar
  • Francesc Rivero, guitar
  • Carles Gutiérrez, guitar
  • Queralt Camps, bass
  • Cèsar Joaniquet, tenor sax
  • Carola Ortiz, voice